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It's Crunch Time.

Thank you for checking out my Fitness Journal.  If you follow me on my instagram or Facebook  you know I am big believer in tracking my progress, writing my frustrations out and documenting my success.  This is usually something I keep private OR am selective of what I choose to share. 

This time around I wanted to let you totally in.  I will start  by admitting my motivation has been my biggest struggle this year and I am fighting each week to pull myself back to my goal.  I have remained consistent but feeling I am in that crisis zone and that makes me nervous.   My 30th Birthday is just around the corner and as a new Mom I want to feel amazing as I enter my thirties. This is something I have never done before but excited to do this and share with all of you exactly what I am up to over the next little while.

I am entering what I feel is my Crunch time so this will definitely be a key tool to my success.  I hope that it inspires you, educates you and motivates you.  Please comment and ask any questions all the way!

Stay tune.  My first blog post will take place on March 21.

Morgan Kate

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