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Day One

Morning Vibes:

I woke up tired.  This could be for a few reasons.  I am tired most mornings from being up through the night BUT the baby is down to one feed a night so I am not getting an even longer stretch of sleep at night:)  I took the opportunity to go out with some friends Saturday night,  so I didn't get much sleep that night and yesterday spent most of the day prepping for our move later this week.  I am glad I meal prepped last night even though I was tired because I can tell I would be easily swayed to snack and carb up on toast!  I love toast!   

I'll admit,  the thought of working out later today makes me feel tired and almost anxious because I haven't woke up feeling like I am going to kill today.  The calendar I created came in handy for the next 30 days.  I need to get my workout in today because it will be a workout lost this week and over the next month I don't have a lot of windows to be skipping them.  The visual helps for sure.  I'll drag myself there.  At least I have all my workouts designed and planned,  so that takes the prepping out of the equation, just gotta move this body.

Living Life:

Of course Day One and I am starving!  It's like all I can think about is food.  I notice this comes on more as a result of boredom or when I am thirsty.  So I have loaded up on all my water and that has definitely helped and kept myself a little busier.  Each time I became hungry I made a note of it,  I had many moments today.  I will continue this over the next few days to see if there is any consistency and make adjustments from there.  I will also need to schedule my food, this isn't to restrict myself but gain perspective.  I have an appetite of unusual heights and could eat all day, and big each time!  My family calls it the beast, I need to keep her caged.  Left out to roam she is destructive and wild and fast.  haha

Gym Workout.  I am proud of my workout, it is a leg day so one of my favs!  As the day went I managed to shake the tiredness and felt even better after the gym. 

Day Reflection:

Overall I am proud of day one!  I want to definitely keep note of my overall feeling over the next few days.  

Tomorrow's Foucs:

Watch how I feel with cravings and make note and space food out better.  Gym day is a Chest/Back and Deadlift day.  Love the booty part but I am not so crazy about chest and back but they are necessary.  I will need to place my effort of completing the working out and challenging myself at the same time.  I am less motivated in these workouts.

Shake plus green supplement/fish oil/ B-vitamins

Oats with PB

Mixed Veggies

Veggie and Beef Stir Fry* I will have to watch my red meat intake as it is reintroduced to my diet.

I dessert daily!  WHAT?!?!?!?! It's true!  I have 2 pieces of Dark Chocolate Daily.  YES TWO!  I also only eat 90% or higher.   It's tart, bitter and sweet.  It isn't a divine experience but it does the trick.  I have always done this.  SURPRISE! haha


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