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Calendar Template

The Calendar template.  It highlights my essentials to keep me focused.  I mapped out my workout schedule.  Being a new Mom and a busy one with a commuting Husband I need to know what my time looks like, left to go with the flow I become victim to my own devices and get distracted.  It also makes me think about my social plans coming up during the time of the challenge so I can visually see the opportunities I will have to treat myself.   It keeps me in check when I feel like caving and eating a box of Oreo's!  Sometimes knowing I just have to hang in there one more day helps settle the beast down:)

I will update this frequently because it will also be used to track my success, if I have a great eating and gym day I will indicate accordingly.  This also helps me not be too hard on myself.  Consistency is key, sometimes we do not see our efforts our consistent because we get so wrapped up in what we didn't do perfect and no body is perfect!  

I have posted an example of it on my Instagram so you can view for yourself:) @morgankatefit

Speaking of help!  If anyone knows how I can post pictures directly to the blog that would be great:)  Please comment below.

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