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Day Two

Morning Vibes:

I woke up yet tired again but the fog lifted sooner today.  I tried a couple things to help combat this, one I decided to add another serving of my green supplement to my day.  I eat veggies at most meals and they are included in my shake but the more greens the better.  I think it what is helping with the fogginess.  I also did a little morning meal flipping.  My breakfast remained the same but my second meal/snack I switched it to my chicken, sweet potato and veggies and left the oats and PB for my afternoon snack.  I found myself less munchie this way.   SO for the next few days I am going to stick to keeping my meals high protein and fat in the morning and carb up as the day goes.  This actually compliments my workout schedule more, I tend to feel better with carbs post workout and as of now my schedule has most work outs in the early evening.  I am also so sore from yesterday workout!  

Living Life:

I did cave and have a piece of toast with avocado, I know it is not the end of the world but my body knows everything! It knows bread and loves it, loves it so much it never wants to let it go!  That is why I do not include bread as a regular meal plan item.  So a little disappointed I caved BUT I did it.  Tomorrow,  no toast!   I think I will add a little cardio to my workout today to burn up those extra carbs, they are energy after all! hehe  Also, I am going to reduce my carbs at dinner to stay on point with my marcos.

Gym workout done.  I updated my playlist to make it more fun!  I actually had a good workout and felt strong.  I guess what I do like about the upper body is that immediate pump you get, tone shows so easy and I do like toned arms lol I worked on my pull ups, something just a memory now but progress is already showing there and my negative work is improving.  The one thing I am enjoying about the gym is the use of equipment.  Especially with feeling loss in my strength I have more options to target my back and chest muscles.  I stuck to what I said earlier today and finished the workout with some rowing, nothing like a couple 500m rows to pass the time. 

For my readers.  This is how my workout regime is broken down.  

Day 1 Quads
Day 2 Chest/Back/ Deadlifts
Day 3 Lunges/ Biceps/ Triceps
Day 4 Chest/ Back/ Deadlifts
Day 5 Quads/ Core

Today's Reflection:

I want to have another solid day of eating tomorrow.  Only a few more days before I can treat it up at Good Friday dinner! Woot!


Protein Shake
Fish Oil/Green Supplement/B-Vitamins

Meal 2:
Chicken/ Rice/ Sweet Potatoes

Oats with PB
2 Pieces of toast with 1/2 avocado

Chicken/ Mixed Veggies/ Rice* smaller portion

2 Pieces Dark Chocolate:)


Ignite Enlighten Transform