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Day Three

Morning Vibes:

Today I woke up less tired than the last couple days!  Woot!  Physically I am so sore though:). Legs are feeling nice and tender just in time to get at them again tonight!  I will say though I got me a mad case of the hungries.  I have also notice that the times I do have to sleep are beginning to feel more restful!

Living Life:

Omg!  It's 11:30 and I totally ditched my food schedule today because I was so hungry,  the type where it was making feel ill!  So before I am even half way done my day and I have already ate my breakfast, snack and lunch!  Oops!  To combat my afternoon stretch to dinner I made a snack of nut mix and two salads on stand by!  Haha

It's late afternoon and one salad down and nut mix is gone.  The hunger has simmered down but boy this morning it was a real struggle.  I suspect I'll be good till dinner!  By the way I up my water to 5 litres!!! It helps:)

Today is lunges and going to throw so more booty in!  I love the lunges,  today included walking lunges, reverse lunge and stationary lunges.  This was the weighted component and then I did floor work where I targeted my glutes at the end.  I elevated my hip extensions today and my single leg work is definitely improving,  just a few weeks ago I could barely lift my booty off the ground.  My pelvic floor definitely took a beating during pregnancy but it is starting to now be one of my strongest areas.  After I worked the booty I decide to shake it in Zumba.  Working out can sometimes feel like work to me,  so I need to maintain a couple workouts a week I do for simple enjoyment to keep the fun in it for me.  Especially well waiting and working for results!

Protein Shake
Fish oil/ Green supplement/ B-Vitamin

Oats and strawberries

Mix veggies
Sweet potatoes

Nut mix
Salad with balsamic vinegar

Chicken Stir Fry
Basmati Rice

2 piece dark chocolate

Ignite Enlighten Transform