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Day Four

Morning Vibes:

Today I slept in!  My hubby got up with the baby and that let me catch up on a couple hours:). 
It really is amazing how much less hungry I feel when I wake up feeling refreshed,  it shows how important sleep really is for setting up for success.  I definitely crave more now than I did when I slept better,  takes a lot more awareness now for me to be mindful of why I want to eat sugar and bread!  I will continue going to bed early to tackle this,  felt much better today.

Living Life:

I went to the gym mid day,  I don't know it was the extra rest or the timing but I felt awesome!  I had a lot more conviction to my workout,  so much so I felt a little ill after.  I did slack on my water today,  so that also could be apart of it :(

I even felt less hungry as the day went,  it was a definitely change from the last couple days where all I could think about is food.   I am feeling in more control.  I also didn't carb up this morning,  I wait till post workout.  This is something I am going to do again tomorrow.  I hope this keeps up!!!!

Today's Reflection:

Rest is essential!  I know this but was reminded today.  If craving are through the room it may be something as simple as focusing on some sleep ;)

Tomorrow is Good Friday and I am hoping to stay close to my meal plan even though I'll be eating out!  I am moving Saturday so pizza is on the menu and I want to have that!  Haha so tomorrow I'll be implementing my ordering out strategies which I'll share tomorrow.



Protein shake- fish oils/ green supplement/ b-vitamins

Lunch( post workout):

Mixed veggies


Oats and strawberries


Salad with oil and vinegar
Sweet Potatoe

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