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Day Eight

Morning Vibes:

Today Jeff is back at work.  So Caleb and I are left in the domain!  I am going to build our bedroom and clean up.  I don't have big workout plans,  although I am definitely craving it.  I made it to the gym 5x last week and that is my jam.  3x a week doesn't cut it for me.  Leaves too many days to get lazy!  You can see great results with 3x a week but for me it leaves me with too much opportunity for excuses.  I will be very physical today and that is the only reason why I am not too keen on working out or worried about it.  Tomorrow I do plan to do a workout at home, now that I have a big unfinished basement it will be come even easier to make that possible.

Living Life:

I have been just ploughing through stuff today,  I started around 8am and just finished at 8pm.  I set some alarms today to remind me to drink water.  I know its crazy but when I drink out of those little 500ml bottles I don't ever drink enough.  So I bought a few big ones and committed to drinking them,  if my alarm went off and there was still some left I took a break and finished it. It helped me feel much  better today.  I went to the store and bought what I could.  No fridge still.  So I bought some fruit, oats and a roasted chicken that I ate today.  I will do this again tomorrow. We get our fridge Wednesday!  Yay!  

Daily Reflection:

I feel much better today.  It will be nice to meal prep and be more convenient and less tempting but under the circumstance today was a good day!

Protein Shake plus my supplements

1 cup melon
Chicken and salad w/ walnuts

2 cups watermelon
chicken and salad w/ shaved almonds and oranges

Raw nut mix & 2 pieces of Dark Chocolate:)

Ignite Enlighten Transform