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Day Five / Six & Seven... WOWZA

Day Five 

Morning Vibes:

I felt good this morning.  It's Good Friday and even though I am off work, holidays still bring a certain vibe.  Things seem a little more relaxed,  which is funny considering all I have been doing this week is prepping for the move tomorrow.  I do like when Jeff is home because I can get to the gym early.  I am on my way there now.

Living Life:

Workout felt great, I did a total body workout because I am doubtful I will be getting to the gym in the next few days so figured mights as well be sore every where over the weekend to remind me of all the work I did during the week.

What started off as an awesome eating day quickly turned to crap at Good Friday dinner.  I was prepared too, I browsed the menu prior and knew what I was going to pick so I wouldn't even browse the menu when I arrive.  I tend to do this to help me not give in to temptation.  I seem to be much stronger willed when I have a plan.  Originally it was just going to myself meeting my family and was going to leave Caleb at home because dinner was going to cut close to bedtime but I thought I would take him.  He was very shy and fussy the whole time, my new mom readers know it is hard to relax when you have a clingy, crying baby on your hands.  So easiest thing for me to do when I was asked what I wanted.  Told my husband I'll have what he is having.  Food and my concern for what I was eating was limited, and I knew he would order something I wouldn't and I would emotionally eat it and feel better.  I ate it and didn't feel better, SHOCKING! It never works but what is done is done.

Reflection of the day:

1/2 the day went well and one lost meal,  I wouldn't say that is enough to call the day a total flop. I just know me and wish I didn't turned to food as a coping mechanism but not going to lie those chicken wings were damn good!

Protein Shake plus my supplements

Chicken and sweet potatoes and salad

Boneless Chicken Wings
1/2 Serving of fries
Ceasar Salad... yeah I did!

Day Six:

Morning Vibe/Living Life:

It's moving day.  It was long and busy and our appliances ended up being delayed. WOOT! :(  Any who I had my normal breakfast and that was it till dinner! SOOOO BAD!  My blood sugars were so low and I was so busy lifting and moving that day that by time dinner came I wasn't even myself anymore.  I was full on beast!  I knew pizza was on the menu but I didn't expect to eat half of one!  OOPS!  

Reflection of the Day:

Don't eat half a pizza ever!  It hurts too much! lol This is not a prime of example of a good day, this day was terrible.  My water intake was poor, my food quantities were poor and my choices were poor.  When we do not maintain proper insulin levels we are at a rage with ourselves and the truth is,  it does truly become hard to say no.  If this is a day to day habit, I could easily see myself saying I couldn't help it when I make bad food choices.  I am glad this is not the norm for me.

Day Seven:

Morning Vibes:

Day one officially in the house.  I slept great.  Caleb went solo last night in his own room with no prob at all, I slept in peace and quiet.  I could get use to this.  What a difference I feel with just having solid sleep.  Even though I was still up at night to feed him, my time in between was much less disrupted.  

Today we build furniture.  We bought IKEA... like the whole store.  FML.  NO gym just building.

Living Life:

NO appliances makes it tricky to eat well.  I really appreciate them now and will never take them for granted again!  We manage to remember to bring our shakes and supplements so that started my day.  My family came over with food.  I love my mom for knowing me so well and came with a clean assortment of eats.  I felt pumped up today,  the adrenaline of the house was definitely apparent because I was dead by the end of the day.  Dinner was bad, nothing was open.  We found a subway.  OMG is that what bread taste like.  I miss bread like that,  but my tummy doesn't .  The combination of the last few days is definitely taking a toll.  My skin looks dark, my tummy hurts and I am so dehydrated.  I also forget how spoiled we are to have things so readily available to us, like extended grocery store hours and how holidays can put a wrench in that!

Daily Reflection:

The weekend is over.  I have adapted to the fact I live without appliances now.  No more holidays, stores run on normal schedules.  Tomorrow,  I can buy smarter and eat better.


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