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Day Nine

Morning Vibes:

I actually felt great this morning. I even got up before the baby!  WOOT!  I used it as an opportunity to get my workout done.  I did this fasted as it was a great opportunity to do this,  I was well rested and ate well the day before and was completing my workout within an hour of waking so my body was in a responsive state to do a workout before eating.

I love working on in the morning mentally,  I tend to have good drive and push but physically I do feel it more.  It is likely a result of the higher lactic acid demands while my body wakes for the day.  Morning workouts set me up for a great energy day.  My workout was short, 15 mins.  It was also very simple I did squats and lunges only.

Living Life:

My keen start allowed my to have a bath and relax during Caleb's first nap.  We did some errands together including getting my food for the day.  I am will start sharing portion sizes with you so you can really get a feel for what my day to day looks like.  I had another good eating day:)  So that makes 6.5 days that rocked vs. my 2.5 days of crisis.  My calendar really helps with this, it is easy to feel defeated when you are falling down the rabbit hole with stress and forget the bigger picture.  My success to fail ratio is pretty damn good.

Daily Reflection:

I had strong will today and confident I will tomorrow.  Simple.

Protein Shake plus my supplements

1/4 Chicken Dark Meat
1/2 Cup Roasted Potatoes
Salad* about the size of a plate and dress with 1 tsp of oil

Spicy Bean Salad* the bean portion was about the size of a hamburger patty
Dressing was just hot sauce
Salad itself was spinach, cucumber, onions, green peppers, hot peppers and about the size of a whole plate.

1. 1 cup watermelon
2. Cucumber and Peppers with thumb worth of cheese
3. Bowl of strawberries- it's on my instagram!  It was big.


Ignite Enlighten Transform