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Day Ten

Morning Vibes:

Another day where I woke up feeling good.  The new house and space is definitely providing better rest for everyone,  I felt excited to workout this morning and as soon as Caleb went down for his first nap that is what I did.  

Down in the dirty basement I rolled around and got my sweat on.  Today my workout was 20 minutes.  I completed one of my favourite design styles which is a pyramid format.  I like the gradual increase of reps,  because once you peak and mentally begin to get tired you feel refocused as you make your way back down.  I find I move a little fast on the way down,  I was sweating and tired and wanted it to just be over!

Living Life:

Working out in the morning definitely helps with my focus when it comes to food.  I am reminded all day how hard I worked and it makes me mindful when I choose to eat something.  I do workout later in the day sometimes but I find it a lot easier to justify bad food choices with the mentality I'll just burn it off later.  That is not always true!  Next week I will be heading back to the gym but I am learning a valuable lesson with my restricted home workouts this week.  I miss the gym and weights but I will have to workout in the evening.  I now revised my plan next week to stay on track.  I will complete a fat burner each morning like I am this week and than place my focus on my weights in the evening.  It will keep my primed for the day when it comes to food and give me the chance to get back to building some muscle.  It is combining the best of both worlds.  My fat burners only take 10-20 minutes so it is really just shifting them to be strategic.  It's breaking up my regular workouts into two smaller ones.

Daily Reflection:

I am feeling mentally confident and calm.  I am not feeling pressured or overwhelmed anymore.  I look at myself and accept it as it is and comfortable that it will change.  This is my ideal training mentally,  I am focused and confident.  I let go of the doubt.  I just want it.  Simple.

Protein Shake plus my supplements* I used a plant base protein. Try an avoid soy based proteins.

1/4 Chicken White Meat
Salad with oil and white wine vinegar for dressing

Handful of nut mix.  I also purchase raw.

Taco Salad* Finally made at home!!!
Romain Lettuce* a ton, a solid plate full with cucumbers, shaved carrots, peppers.  The salad alone was the size of a small mountain.
1/2 Mix beans season with paprika
1 Cup Minced Chicken season with David's Spice Spicy Mix.  I forget the name at the moment.
1 TSP of full fat sour cream*  I never eat reduced fat anything.
1 TSP Organic Salsa* no added sugar
Tobacco Sauce.

2 piece dark chocolate.  I definitely had a sweet tooth today.  Likely my lack of fruit today and I waited too long to eat any starches.  So by the days end my body wanted to be stocked up. 

Ignite Enlighten Transform