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Day Eleven

Morning Vibes:

Had another restful night.  Went to bed early and feeling pretty good this morning.  The bambino was up a bit earlier this morning so my workout will have to wait till first nap or later as we have a plumber coming in to install our dishwasher.  I do have intentions of limited my starches today till mid day and later.  I want to carb up as the day goes because I intend on having a lower carb day tomorrow.  I want to place around with my body and be sure it doesn't adapt and work on reseting my glycogen levels post stress.  I am sure my cortisol levels have been higher and I have been storing more glucose as a result so going to play around for a few days with some very mild cycling to try and balance that out again.

Living Life:

The day has been good, the plumber left and Caleb was still down for a nap so I decided to do a bit of a workout.  I wanted to focus on pushing today so I did wide set push ups and triceps.  I don't always like pairing chest and triceps together because it definitely hinders my strength on the chest side but I was out to burn them out and not as focused on strength today but volume.   managed to do 100 push ups and 100 tricep push ups(many of these on my knees) I finished off with some lower ab work and I used an exposed beam in my basement to work on some negatives for my pull ups.  I am definitely looking forward to getting to the gym this weekend.  I am feeling limited to what I can do at home.  Next week I will I will be retrieving my weights from my inlaws and setting up a more solid home workout environment to allow for a little more challenge at home:)

After my workout and lunch I did hit a huge wall , I actually napped when Caleb had his second nap.  I was feeling pretty tired.

Daily Reflection:

I felt good with my food again,  although I am feeling heavy and very bloated.  I have a feeling my monthly visitor is coming.  Which would explain these feelings.  I will be sure to keep up with my water to help with the retention over the next few days.

Protein Shake plus my supplements.

1/2 Beans
1 cup minced chicken
HUGE SALAD with romain lettuce.
1 TSP Sour Cream
2 TSP Organic Salsa

3oz grilled steak strips
HUGE Salad with romain lettuce
Sautéed mushrooms and peppers* probably 1/4 cup tops.

Post Dinner Carb Load:

1 Banana* small
1/2 cup mix of kiwi, strawberries and a couple apple slices.

Again this is because I plan to have a lower starch day tomorrow so I wanted to load up the night before so I can feel more balanced as I enter my day tomorrow.


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