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Day Twelve

Morning Vibes:

Well I was right.  My monthly visitor is here.  That explain the bloating, the heaviness and fatigue. I am a little slow moving this morning BUT when the baby goes down for his first nap I am going to do a little HITT style program to get my heart rate up and get my blood pumping.  It always makes me feel better when this time comes around,  it relieves the pressure and I feel the sweat helps release some of that water and bloat.  I still intend to keep my starches low today.  I don't plan to include any till dinner.  Yesterday,  you will see I had a medium starch day,  I had them in my lunch and dinner.  Today,  it is going to be limited to one meal.  Tomorrow,  however I will have them in all meals:)  

Living Life:

I felt like dying in my workout because it was hard but I had good energy and focus.  I did get frustrated a few times because physically I am just not as fit as I was and had to take a few extra rest.  I sent out the workout for you to try.  If you didn't receive please email me.  This style of program would fall under the category of HIIT training.  It's purpose is to increase intensity well providing limited rest to provide the opportunity to push as you work you way through.  It produces intensity and elevates the heart.  It is a challenge cardio venture but an effective one, it helps challenge your anaerobic threshold(the work you can do without oxygen) and train your V02 max.  I choose Burpees and Squats because I wanted to target large muscle groups to engage the muscles and hit all muscle an increase blood flow to increase my fat burn. 

I have just one meal to go at this point and it's the one I can't wait for at this point.  I have kept my carbs low and can't wait to load up on some starches at dinner.  I am starting to have sugar which is a sign that I used the right energy today in my workout and post.   My gloygen is ready for some restoring.  MMMM potatoes!  Loading up on water and veggies.  I was very mindful to keep my healthy fats in my meals today to help with satisfying my hunger and cravings.  I felt good till about 3pm.  Now I wait till dinner.

Daily Reflection:

I felt really food today with my food, even as the day ended.  I felt less bloated.  Tomorrow is a higher carb day and no one will ever complain about that! HEHE

Protein Shake plus my supplements

20 Almonds

1 cup egg whites
Chopped pepper* whole thing
drizzled with 1 TBS olive oil

2 TBS Organic PB

3oz Chicken
1 Cup Red Potatoes
1 Cup Green Beans
1 Cup Broccoli

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