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Day Twenty

Morning Vibes:

I felt good and ready to go to the gym,  I had good focus as the day started.  I had my plan and was ready for it.  I had an awesome class, doing my ritual booty shaking on Saturday mornings.  It is actually crazy the amount I sweat.  I can't believe how much I notice my glutes in the class.  I have been working them way more than I ever had and I can tell.  OUCH!

Living Life:

I started to feel tired as the day went.  I even packed an orange that I ate post workout.  This got progressively worse as the day went.  I am starting to notice if I am going to have a longer workout than I planned and a very cardio focus,  my low carb start to the day may be hindering me.  I think I am going to up my greens in my breakfast the next few days and see if that helps.  Next will be to have a carb loaded breakfast on those days and just alter my schedule for meal when that happens.  I will still maintain my lower and higher carb days,  I will just switch around in the day I have them.  It's always a game of trial and error.  However, what I have come to know since the past is to be flexible.  I use to set a plan and be stuck to it.  If I didn't follow exactly I would chalk the day up to a fail.  That puts way to much pressure on me and takes away the fun in what I do.  Consistency is my opinion is much different than following a plan to the exact measurement and timing. 

So I had a cheat meal and it was awesome!  I had pizza and a canoli.  It was delicious and no regrets.  I was sooooo tired after though,  so I did perhaps over eat plus it is a clear sign that as much as I enjoyed it,  something wasn't balance in my body.  That's ok though,  just something I notice and as much as I enjoyed it I don't like feeling that tired or bloated.  So maybe next time I will explore another delicious treat.

Daily Reflection:

I will consider a different treat next time.  I am so connected in this process to feeling good, not just looking good.  Honestly,  if that was the case some may chalk this journey up to a fail because my weight drop hasn't been significant but I have lost inches, gained muscle and reduced my body fat.  We work in stages, to make this a change easier to sustain we need to allow ourselves to trust the process.  I am setting myself up mentally, physically and emotionally to lean out.  I find there needs to be the appropriate foundation set out, this is to obtain the desired results I want.  Plus my goal this time is to feel better about it.  I have leaned out before and often feel tired and stress during the process.  I expect it to be disciplined and tight but I want it to make me feel food as a result of my efforts. 

Shake plus supplements:

Orange( Post Workout)

3 oz steak with salad.  

3 Slice Pizza & Cannoli

Ignite Enlighten Transform