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Day Twenty One

Morning Vibes:

I am still tired today and feeling the wrath of my cheat meal yesterday.  I woke up carb crazy!  I can tell I am off balanced and likely a result of a glycogen overdose.  To much sugar in the blood stream and my insulin is spiking,  making me feel like a hormonal mess.  I am heading to the gym to help maybe burn off some steam and use up some energy.  Hoping it may help.  This is a reminder to why I am selective when it comes to treat meals.  As delicious as it was and how much I enjoyed myself it shows the strong connect our body has with food and how it responds.  It is also a reminder how it can be so easy to spiral out of control when we consistently make poor food choices.  We have a hard time rebalancing and hormonally it because difficult to resist temptation because we legitimately feel we can't live without it. 

Living Life:

My workout made me feel better and I have started my day well with eating but I am so off today.  I did my best to stay focused and ate a high protein, high fat breakfast and lunch to help combat the urges but I am struggling today.  It didn't help we went to Ikea and Caleb was a needy little man.  It was busy, he wanted to be help and I am already in a hormonal crisis because I ate like pooh.  It just made the urges stronger and as a result,  I caved again and went for convenience and comfort for dinner and had a sandwich.  I won't chalk the day up to a fail because I was reminded of a key factor about myself.  I am carb sensitive person, the more I eat the more I want.  Especially if I choose processed variations or high starches.  No shame in it.  It's just how my body responds and we all react differently to food.  However, we are strongly influenced hormonally by what we eat.  So tomorrow, I will have to have my head in the game because it will be another day of imbalance that I will have to face but I have had more than enough treats and a birthday a week away and don't want to wish I just hung in there,  plus I am getting ready to spend a few weeks leaning out.  So guess it's better I enjoy it now hehe  

Daily Reflection:

Treats.  I need to be more mindful of what I choose.  I want to enjoy food while I eat but I also want to feel good after and the next.  Even if I indulged.  This is possible.  I am glad I was reminded of this and now I can be more mindful of sticking to tasty treats that work well for me. 

Shake plus supplements
1 TBS of olive oil * i just put it down like cough medicine.

1 cup mince turkey with peppers and onion
HUGE Salad
1 TBS Coconut Oil* also just put this down the hatch

Chicken Parm Sandwich*  amazing!  But I was instantly tired after.  Food should energize not deplete us.  I am done with treats for the week! 

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