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Day Twenty Two

Morning Vibes:

I feel tired today BUT much more focused on what I plan to do today.  I am going to go get my hair done so I am going to go prepared.  I will be working out this evening. I will be bringing the carbs back in more today but sticking to strictly clean choices of my food list. 

Living Life:

So far so good.  I am still feeling a little munchie.  Almost like a withdraw symptom, my body is now confused and thinks it needs higher starches for energy.  It wants a quick fix.  It isn't just our mind that desires that,  when were off hormonally as a result of food it gets confused too.  So it is important to take a minute and feel what we are feeling and respond in a more effective way.  Our body is trying to communicate.  So with the muchies I want to ensure I am super hydrated so tons of water.  I clearly have a desire for sugar so I am not going to deny my body but going to give it low glycemic options like sweet potatoes and berries to satisfy the need without the insulin spike. 

I had a great day.  I felt awesome in my workout and properly fuelled for it.  I actually started to shake those munchies as I responded better to my body requests. I got this and feeling mentally a lot more energized and relieved because my body is happier. 

Daily Reflection:

I want to control how I feel and that is awesome.  I will not let food control that.  Food is my friend, my was of life and a need.  I want to choose those that want to help me.  Just like any relationship.  We want to surround ourselves by those who build us up and make us feel good.  I want to have that relationship with food.  I do not want to fear it or resent it .  I choose to have a healthy relationship with it and make the choices that will satisfy that relationship. 

1 Cup Egg Whites with Olive Oil
Sautéed Peppers and Onions
Hot Sauce
* plus supplements

Orange and Kiwi
1 TBS Coconut Oil

* pre workout
3 oz Steak /
1 cup roasted potatoes
2 Cups Cucumber Salad with Olive Oil

* post workout
1/2 cup mince turkey.  I just wanted to get a little extra protein in because I killed myself at the gym and wanted it for muscle recovery. 

Ignite Enlighten Transform