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Day Twenty Three

Morning Vibes:

The baby and I both woke up with colds.  So feeling naturally slow with that.  I hop that I can nip it in the butt,  I am going to load up on herbal teas today and lots of greens and fruits to get those antioxidants in.  It is natural I am feeling unmotivated today to do anything but I am going to take it relatively easy and rest for the most part.   Today will be a sleep when Caleb sleeps kind of day. 

Living Life:

I am feeling ok, more tired because the baby is not napping as well.  He is uncomfortable and I feel bad for him.  Lots and lot of cuddles were on the menu.   Luckily, I planned to have left over for dinner today and that has made it easy to stay on track with food.  It may be a little more red meat than I usually like to eat in a day but It could be much worse with how I am feeling. 

I normally don't recommend working out when sick but I have a lot I am trying to accomplish in the next couple weeks.  So I have a program design I wanted to run through and that is exactly what I am going to do.  I am going to keep the weights light and not push myself.  I am using this workout to just get a sense of the workout.   It will feel good to just get moving a bit but I do not want to place any additional stress on my body when I am focused on getting better. 

Daily Reflection:

I am glad I took it easy today as my cold seems worse by the night.  I find the first 48 hours are always the worse.  I am happy I kept my food clean because that was one thing that at least made me feel better.  Tomorrow is going to be a rest day entirely.  

Shake plus supplements* up my green dosage today. 

3oz Steak
1/2 Cup Potatoes
* took 2 more green supplements

Apple and Kiwi

3oz Steak

Ignite Enlighten Transform