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Wrapping It Up

Sorry for the lack of post the last few days.  The truth is I was so busy during the week.  To sum it up I feel great,  I am focus and comfortable with what I want to do and what I need to do in order to take my life style to a cleaner and tighter point.  The more involved I get the better I feel each day.  My confidence is regaining, my health is getting better, mentally I am feeling less stressed or anxious.  I feel more patient in how I see things and how I react to them.  My hair is getting longer, my nails are stronger and my skin is beginning to seem fresh and vibrant again. 

There are more mornings than not I wake up and although I may be tired I am happy to see that I don't look so worn.  I am beginning to see tone and strength gains.  I am excited by fitness again and enjoying training and finding it easier to push myself and be self motivated to hit the gym.  This definitely became easier when I up my workout schedule to 5x a week.  This wasn't to just make strength gains.  It was primarily to accomplish mental drive to continue to push through day to day.  

The cleaner my food is the better I look and feel.  I am starting to be more attached to feeling awesome than feeling awesome for a brief moment of indulgence, find in false comfort of processed foods.  When I feel down or stressed I am more focused on how to really overcome it.  I came to realize I was using quick fixes with food and now I focus and address what is really bothering me and I find it better to let go and more accomplished to move on. 

Tomorrow I turn 30 and I am happy with where I am and how far I have come in this new chapter. I am also excited that it is now opening the next one for me.  I feel like I am starting to get a handle on this new mom life and who I am as this woman and I am really liking her lol  It has given me the chance to feel out what I really want and that is to continue this health journey and become the whole package yet again.  I felt broken for a bit there and discourage but now i am finding fun in picking up the pieces.  

The next couple weeks I will be running through my new program designs for my May challenge and living the meal plan.  I want to use these two weeks to perfect and transition into the next month, once May hits it is game on.  I will be sharing that journey as well.  I will also be asking a very small number of women to join me.  You will get the insider view.  You will get full workout programs, my meal plan and the resources and support to get through it.  I am creating the community of support,  together we will be stronger for this project.  I hope some of you will be interested in taking it down with me.  

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