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Day Thirteen

Morning Vibes:

I felt good this morning.  I was surprised when I did wake in a carb frenzy.  I actually skipped them in my breakfast and opted to save them for my post workout.  I had my shake and knew I was heading to the gym so I packed a small banana and pear for the road to eat once I was done my workout there.  It felt sooo good to be at the gym,  I miss the energy there.  It is definitely something that helps me push myself during my work outs.  I do still feel insecure at the gym because I am not entirely comfortable with my fitness levels.  It has definitely hurt my confidence, especially working out in a gym where A LOT of people know me  BUT not every knows me well enough to know I had a baby.  Not that I need to justify myself to everyone but it's just something that sits with me and I continue to work out and not let it clutter my mind too much but it does pop up.  Just a human having a human moment.

Living Life:

My workout was great:) Today was just a dance cardio type class.  This is my workout of the week that I do to simple zone out and enjoy myself.  It's the type of thing I do because I love to move, the music is great and I get to sweat and be taught.  I felt awesome after and was excited to carb it up after.  I went and did some errands and when I get home I will likely be eating again.  This time just some protein and fat to make sure I don't go to long in between meals.  My muscles are definitely sore for my burpee and squat torture yesterday.  Driving home I also have some great ideas for some more home fun!  I kept staring at my stairs and wondering what workout I could design with them and I think I have something I am going to give a go with tomorrow!  Keep an eye out, may be something worth sharing!

Daily Reflection:

I am working really hard over the course of the next few weeks to keep treats minimal.  In the crunch time I like to trim my plate and that is restricting myself but definitely minimizes portions when it comes to treats.  I become more of 

Protein Shake plus supplements

Snack(Post Workout)
1 Small Banana
1 Small Pear

4oz Chicken
1 small avocado with black pepper

Chicken Stir Fry with 1 Cup Rice.  I didn't measure my chicken for this, it was for both my hubby and I.  It was made with onions and peppers and carrots.

6oz Red Wine


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