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Day Fourteen

Morning Vibes:

Another day I felt pretty good, I am feeling less bloated today.  I think my lady friend is slowly down and as a result I don't feel like I am storing a ton of water.  We have so much cleaning of the garage to from the move.  That is how I spent my morning. I won't be working out today but will be tomorrow.  The weather may be what determines if I get to go to the gym or workout at home.  Either way I have something planned.  

Living Life:

Today we had family over to see the new house, so that meant snacks.  I just stuck to the fruit and veggies.  I did have some cheese but not too much because it does make me feel bloated.  My Mother In Law is a excellent cook and brought home made pizza and pasta that we could have for supper after they left.  SOOOOO tempting!  What I did was separate a portion for myself and froze it.  I will save it for another day.  Tonight I will stick to my Mexican salad.  My weekly favourite this week.  I am feeling proud of my control.  I felt like I made food choices the last few days because I want to.  I didn't feel like I was missing out, I know I can treat myself but choosing to be selective.  I have been feeling so good from an energy stand point and my skin is looking better and I know that has a direct connection to cleaning up my plate.

Daily Reflection:

I am definitely noticing I am hungrier the last few days.  It has actually been awhile since I notice that, I am finding myself instinctive and eating when hungry and stopping when full.  I am keep busy with other thing versus eating and snacking.  I would like to improve the intensity of my programming and that is my main goal this week.  I feel I have a handle on the food thing BUT I want to place a stronger focus on my training efforts the next couple weeks.

Protein plus supplements

4oz Chicken* mixed between white and dark meat
1 small avocado

Small dessert plate of fruit during family visit.
Thumb worth of cheese
1 piece of baguette. 

1 cup mince turkey
1 HUGE plate of romaine lettuce
2TBS Salsa
1 TBS Full Fat Sour Cream
1 Cup Sweet Peppers

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