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Day Fifteen

Morning Vibes:

The cleaner eating is really helping my energy and overall state of well being.  I was up a couple times last night with Caleb, he is teething and has his first tooth cutting BUT the sleep I did get I am resting better, sleeping more soundly.  Therefore, I still feel pretty good in the morning.  I completed my workout during his nap.  I am using the remainder of these challenge to design for my next.  I always spend time near the end of the programs I am working on to think and prep for what I want to do next.  If I leave too much time in-between I tend to loose my focus and motivation.

Stay tuned,  the workouts with continue to be short and intense however, I will be sharing the entire program with a few lucky ladies.  All my workout programs have a similar style.  Focused on intensity, higher volume and limited rest.  I do this to challenge the body, keep muscle challenged and avoid them adapting too quickly.  From a result standpoint, short and intense elevated our heart rate, increase blood flow.  It not only works our muscle but challenge the cardiovascular system.  The best part is during the recovery, when pushed to these limits we change hormonally.  We release cortisol, distressing.  We then lower our blood sugar levels and balance insulin,  we do this with nutrition considerations and when that is all balanced the body can release unwanted fat and build a sleek lean muscle.

Let's just say I am already so sore from the program this morning:)

Living Life:

I got a ton of energy from my workout and feeling very focused again with my food, I making some adjustments to my macronutrients to suit my goals and body.  I am still maintain my whole food selections but just playing with quantities daily.  I am finding the perfect timing for my carb intake and it is really helping with cravings.  For myself, post workout is key for loading up and then easing off for the day.  I reload again at dinner.  If I plan to workout later in the day I will reserve them for pre workout and post.  This seems to allow my body to use them quickly and reload so I don't wake up the next day feeling overly depleted. 

Daily Reflection:

I am feeling excited by activity again and appreciating the amazing benefits I get mentally from exercise.  I am loving my focus and motivation and desperate to maintain it.  I added reminders into my phone to ensure I stay focused.  I am now at a point if I feel I am less motivated,  I don't get down about but look and problem solve right away to ensure I don't loose the whole day and set up the relieve I will need tomorrow to feel in more control. 

Protein shake plus supplements

1 cup minced Chicken and 1/4 cup potatoes( post workout)
Huge Salad with 1 TBS Olive Oil

Pear and small banana
1 small handful of mixed nuts

4oz Chicken
1/2 Cup Roasted Red Potatoes
Cucumber Salad( used one whole cucumber, with 1 TBS olive oil, vinegar and pinch of pink himalayan sea salt) 


Ignite Enlighten Transform