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Day Seventeen

Morning Vibes:

I am tired today, I may have been a little over ambitious yesterday with all the exercise and running around. I feel fatigued.  I am going to spend today resting and I will get back to my workout tomorrow.  Had to switch up breakfast because I didn't have my shake but that's ok.  I don't mind switching up.  I actually went for some chicken in the morning.  I can eat really anytime.  My appetite doesn't seem to run on any specific clock, other than feed me now. 

Living Life:

Definitely having a very tired day.  So taking it easy is likely best.  I will go to bed early to get myself on track for tomorrow.  I still maintained a rather decent day of eating.  It was a struggle today because I was a bit lazy about everything but I managed to not stray and do what would help give me energy versus take it away any further.  I was more carb dependant today because I felt tired but I tried to make healthy choices.  My Mother in Law made us a huge serving of roasted potatoes and squash, delicious! It did take a little will power to stop, ate more than I should but I didn't eat to a point I was overly full. 

Daily Reflection:

I need to catch up on my rest and priority is to do my workout first thing tomorrow, so one day doesn't become two.  After a decent night sleep it will be what I need to get me the energy for the day.  

4oz chicken
1 avocado

Salad with Romaine
1 TBS Oil
4oz Chicken
1 Avocado

4oz Chicken
1/2 Cup Roasted Potatoes
1/2 Squash

1 Orange
1.5 Kiwi

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