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Day Sixteen

Morning Vibes:

I am very excited this morning. I am heading to the gym with my Mom this morning, she has been a big supporter in my Fitness Journeys.  PLUS we are getting our new floors in, so Caleb is spending some time at my In-Laws today.  Seeing I am working out so early this morning, I had my protein shake on the road and have a banana packed for post workout.  The workout was great, so much fun and my Mom kicked my butt as usual. 

Living Life:

I always feel great post workout BUT I was unprepared for how long I was out today.  I didn't have my next meal and while I was out and about I felt yucky because I got too hungry.  I was proud I could see through the crash and didn't just eat anything.  The mall actually had a health food store and these all natural bars, not ideal as they have too much sugar and not as sufficient source of marco I needed, however I was happier eating that than something that held little to no nutritional value.  This was my bad and I should of been more prepared, note for next time. Especially when I knew I was going to be out and I have a dance class later so I am more active today and really need to eat well to maintain my energy. 

At dinner I had a larger serving of protein to make up for what I missed early and although the bar was higher in carbs, I still maintain my usual serving because I am going more than usual.  I had my dance class tonight which was soon much fun!  It was way harder than expected from a physical standpoint.   If you want to see what I did check out my instagram and scroll back to my Beyography post.  It would be fun to see some of you ladies at the next one!

By time I got home I was actually hungry,  even though I didn't plan to eat again.  I decided to have another shake.  I could tell my body needed it and I didn't want to overdo my carbs because I know I ate more than enough but I did give my muscles a push today,  so the extra protein shouldn't hurt. 

Daily Reflection:

I had a brief self pity moment at the mall today, I just adjusting to my new body shape post baby and felt a little uncomfortable in trying on clothes.  I haven't been shopping post baby yet and it reminded me that I still have work to do.  Rather than buy something in the size I was currently I opted to wait.  I will use this moment as a reminder to keep going.  I got this!   I will also be sure to be more prepared the next time I could be out of the house for awhile so that I don't get hit with that situation again.

Protein shake plus supplements

Banana(post workout)

Natural Bar

4oz Chicken
1/2 Cup Sweet Potatoe
Salad with Oil and Vinegar

Protein Shake( post class) 


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