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Day Eighteen

Morning Vibes:

I feel ok this morning.  The rest yesterday was definitely a good call.  It allowed me to recharge and wake up feeling ready for today.  We ran out of protein so egg whites it is this morning. I am sticking to my plan and doing my workout as soon as Caleb is down to get me motivated for the day.  I am loving this week for workouts because I am planning and designing for May.  I love having a plan and something new to work on.  Especially, from this challenge I have been asked often for workouts.  It will give me the chance to share with some ladies.  I love knowing other people are working with me and that I am helping them along the way.  Fitness is such a community based thing and I love being apart of that.

Living Life:

I am feeling very excited and focused.  So much so it is actually making me anxious.  I want to get to things and get planning.  I am actually going to hit the gym tonight too.  I want to spend some time there designing my gym components for the May challenge.  Plus I am feeling the urge to lift some weight.  It's been a while where I have felt strong and I want to go play around with that.   I am really starting to be attached to my routine.  Eating clean and exercising are and have always done wonders for me.  It is something hard to maintain and it can bring me down but consistently pushing through and adapting is what is finally getting me to where I want to be mentally and physically.   The time off has definitely given me the opportunity to really find balance in programming that I feel can really help people make the transformation and change their lifestyles.  No matter what walk of life you are on. 

Daily Reflection:

I felt so good at the gym.  I did some work on my back and I couldn't believe my pull up progressions.  I haven't tried in a few weeks because honestly the last time I did I was sad by how weak I was and realized I had some conditioning to do.  I am no where near being able to do an unassisted one yet BUT I can hold negatives and multiples in a workout,  and complete sets with assisted options.  I could barely hold a negative a few weeks back, never mind multiples or continuing to assisted options.  I felt pretty bad ass.   I have also spent thing week playing around with the meal plan I want to transition too.  It may just be me but already after just a few days I am seeing leaner bit of me.  WOOT!  I still have some playing around to do but I like the direction of this plan.  


1 Cup Egg Whites
1 TBS of Olive Oil
Plus my supplements

First Lunch:
1 Cup Minced Turkey with peppers and onions
1 Avocado
Salad with Hot Sauce
1 Pear

Second Lunch:
1 Cup Minced Turkey with peppers and onions
1 avocado

1 Cup Minced Turkey with pepper and onions
Salad dressed with 1 TBS Olive Oil
1 Pear

I did some batch cooking.  So today was a turkey day.  I can be quite boring with what I eat, especially if I find something I like that is easy and tasty.  It may be turkey for the next week.  We will see.

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