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Day Nineteen

Morning Vibes:

I woke up tired again.  So this is twice this week.  Both times after I had a higher exercise day.  I am learning this may not be a smart move with the food changes I am making.  I feel awesome when I stick to my food but focus on one intense workout.  I am going to play around with food strategy for the days I may be more active.  It throw me off mentally when I wake up feeling like this.  I have lower focus and drive.  Today is a none workout day too,  which is good because I am tired but I feel a bit at risk for my food.  I already ate outside my current; food list and had toast and avocado this morning,  This is off setting me.  It is actually making me more carb crazy.   In my second meal I am going to have a higher fat serving and protein to help slow that down.  I am also going to limit my starches now the rest of the day,  I will save them till dinner.  Maybe not even.  I have already had most of my daily intake just in those pieces of toast.  I am definitely too carb sensitive to be eating them first thing in the morning and to be eating ones too high in starch like bread.  SADNESS!   Gotta save those for treats. 

Living Life:

The rest of the day has been ok, I stuck to my meal plan.  I had weird energy the rest of the day and higher carb cravings.  I decided to go to the gym after all.  I wanted to get a little energy boost and let out some stress. I felt so glad that I went.  It was I needed. My body is really sore this week.  I am also proud of my workout commitment.  I have managed to workout 4 times already this week and have a planned workout tomorrow.

Daily Reflection:

Need to make some food adjustments.  I am feeling too much cravings.  Something is simply off balanced.  Maybe it isn't even the food but with my new drive for the gym my demand may be greater and I just need to play around with portions. 

2 Pieces Toast with one avocado plus mu supplements

Lunch One:
1 Cup Turkey with Salad

Lunch Two:
I Cup Turkey with Salad

1 Cup Turkey with Salad
1 Pear
1 Apple


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