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MK Apparel

Our MK Apparel line is meant as street to sweat wear. Go from jeans to yoga pants without compromising your style. Our active leisure line is 100% Canadian Mande. Our T-Shirt producer, Jerico, believes strongly the value of Canadian Manufacturing and its necessity for humanity and employment. That means MK Apparel is 100% sweat shop free. Our apparel has been manufactured in factories that are eco-friendly and support green initiatives. Finally, over 50% of our line is made of Bamboo, which does not require pesticides or fertilization for cultivation, and it grows in abundance without depleting the soil. Learn more at


No Grit No Pearl

Transforming ourselves takes grit. The ability to continue when things seem hopeless, frustrating or down right demotivating.  However, at the end of it all there is the pearl. The beauty of perseverance. Chasing our goals isn't always going to be easy but finding what makes us happy is worth all the hustle.


Feel Good

We want you to feel good from the inside out.  

When we find happiness, we radiant confidence.

Let's commit to feeling good daily.


Humble, With Just A Hint Of Kanye

It's ok to be proud of yourself for the all effort you put into your fitness goal. Every once in a while, I say share with the world that you are one bad ass babe. Lift your chin-up high because you know you drop it low, push it on the regular and get down right gritty. No one else is putting in the time to get those gains. Work it ladies. 

Ignite Enlighten Transform