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Skip The Abs For A Better Core

I may sounds like a broken record here but it is something I am asked almost weekly. How do I get a stronger core and flatter tummy. I touched on this on a previous post but a flatter tummy comes from a healthier diet. When it comes to conditioning the core, sit ups and crunches are not the way to develop that kind of strength. Those focus highly on our Upper Abdominals,  which in many of us are dominate to begin with.  With shifted pelvis's and collapsed rib cages.  Many of us have overused Upper Abdominals. 

So how do you develop a stronger core. Remember Core is found hips to shoulders and 360 degrees around. Therefore, that's a lot more ground to cover than just our abdominals. We have glutes, chest, back and shoulders to consider. Building stability in our core can be done by learning to properly master a squat. Getting our posture down. Fixing inbalances between our chest and back. All these require a recruitment from our abdominals. Keep in mind, that many of us have weakness in the pelvic floor.  I do suggest spending time working on strengthening that entire region which does include lower abdominals.  Learn how to properly brace your core. 

My point is, the more you spend time you spending on perfecting the large compound movements and building stronger function in your truck.  Those abdominals will only continue to benefit.  You don't need to spend time doing a 100 sit ups every day.  You spine will also thank you.  Too many sit ups and crunches causes to much spinal flexion that can lead to other postural discomforts. 

Build a core that will actually serve you and improve your quality of movement. 

Dear Moms, Don't Forget YOU

Becoming a Mom has easily become the most rewarding and challenging thing my body has ever done. I had moments where I sat back in amazement of what my body was doing, it grew life. The life of my most treasured son. Other moments I felt anxious watching how fast it changed. Not having enough time to mentally prepare for how I would look or feel.  I had moments where I loved my bump and others where I felt uncomfortable and not sure what to do with this new body.  Pregnancy is a short journey of immense change.  Than you hold your baby for the first time. 

You life holds new meaning. I see life in a whole new perspective, or one that I lost in the believes of the society I grew up in. I see things in the eyes of my son. He is fearless, bold, innocent and pure. He loves freely, he is determined and never gives up. He fails and gets back to it. He doesn't have any expectations, just a zest for life and all of the excitement it brings. He has taught me to love myself deeply.  It was because of him, I got back to work. I let go of my expectations of my old body and accepted my new one. The one that acts as a constant reminder of him.  It isn't always easy because sleep is broken, schedules are changing just as fast as they grow. However, it is important in all the transition that you push yourself into the equation. Taking time to feel and be your healthiest will help you feel more comfortable as you take on all the new challenges. You'll be more patients, because there is stress as a new Mom's. Let's face. You have never done this parent thing before. It takes planning, it takes standing up for yourself.  It takes accountability. It takes love. I believe that the more time we take to love ourselves, the better we can love others. It is supporting yourself, so you can support others. It is not feeling guilty that you as a Momma need a little down time. You time to socialize, interact and reconnect with yourself.  It takes patience. It may hurt. It will be frustrating. You may feel you spent more time holding your babe, than holding weights. I just encourage you to keep trying. Keep at it. Don't give up. Don't be too hard on yourself. Just remember you. Get to know yourself again, we all deserve that. 

Don't forget YOU.  Ever. 


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