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Morgan Kate Touches on Surviving Social Functions and Staying on Track.

We all have them,  birthday parties, dinner parties, weddings, holiday parties, baby showers, bridal showers and more.  The list could be endless.  With all these wonderful things and people to celebrate how do we stay on track when we have a goal!  Especially when meal plans tell us to watch for certain foods and to balance our portions!  Where do treats fit in? Aren't we told they are to be limited to once a week BUT how is the even possible with all these events going on?! 

It can be done.  Let's start by understanding that if you have goal and are following one of our programs,  we are conditioning a lifestyle change. One that will also navigate towards you towards your goals.   I am not saying it won't take a little adjustment but those changes will lead to greater gains and more enjoyable moments for you.  You will redefine your relationship with food and actually spend more time truly celebrating. Versus planning life around food.  I have put together some tips,  these are things I do regularly at social functions!  Not because I feel restricted or can't enjoy the food but because I currently know what I want,  and that is to eat healthy and balanced in relation to my goals.   These tips are motivated by my choices and what currently makes me happy!  What made me happy today was celebrating my friend's wedding!  Not the possibility of drinking my face off at the open bar.  The tips are coming to you fresh and intended to help you.  Especially,  if your trying to determine what balance can look like and how to take focus off the "food" and "drink" and be present with your intentions.  These are just components of the event,  they should be additions to the celebration,  not what makes the celebration.  Placing that type of pressure on food will only foster an unhealthy relationship with it.  Let's focus more on the choices we want to control because we have preference and direction of our lives we want to take.    


I am in the midst of an old friend's wedding and I feel great and not at all anxious about what I'll eat or not eat.  I am too caught up chatting with old friend's, laughing at the speeches and enjoying my surroundings.  I am not worried that I ate ALL my prime rib dinner and what it will do to my progress,  my goal or current program.   That is because the choices I make daily provide me so much more freedom to enjoy the moments I choose.  However,  I know you still have many questions and want me to give the answers!  So, let me break it down and summarize how the wedding and other social functions tend to go!  

1.  Plan ahead.  This wedding was no surprise,  I knew it was coming.  Therefore,  I said no to a few extra treats this week leading up, stayed even a little tighter to my plan.  I knew  it was tonight I wanted to have the flexibility in my program.  I did not want to be controlled by my food.  My choice! 

2.  Eat well all day!  I know many think you can counter the night's indulgences by skipping meals.  Crushing an extra workout. However,  this leads to binging at the event, you won't be mindful of any choices.  How could you be?  Your starving!  Eat well leading up.  You'll feel better and less deprived for it.  Plus why does food have to be the enemy,  we choose what we eat and don't eat! 

3.  Drink A LOT of water.  Staying hydrated helps with appetite control and if your going to have a couple cocktails you want to be in peak condition to do so!  It's just responsible. 

4. I skip cocktail hour.  Sure enjoy a cocktail if you like but be mindful of the passing appetizers.  It's easy to fill up on the tasty littles.  I honestly am not tempting by the pressure of the passing food,  if I am hungry though,  I'll eat! 

5. Eat it or drink it!  I ALWAYS choose to eat it!  I love food,  were friends and I enjoy it.  I also don't like feeling shitty,  that's why booze tends to get voted out.  Tonight I wanted that prime rib and dessert,  I enjoyed talking over dinner and sharing in that intimate feeling that those experience while sharing a meal!   I am not a big drinker so this choice was easy for me.  It's about mindfulness.  However,  will one drink and a dessert set you off no,  but own that choice and have realistic expectations.  

6.  If you can't take that peer pressure!  Choose a mocktail, if you want to have a drink in hand, opt for a soda water and lime.  A little cranberry and soda.  Gives you the bubbles without the alcohol.  

Remember these are your nights,  if you want to enjoy all parts than do it! However, own your choices and live without guilt.  Don't punish yourself for enjoying the choices you wanted to make.  It is a celebration after all not a reward for good behaviour!   If you want to explore a balanced approach,  these are a just a few tips!  We believe you can have it all,  you just have to pick what makes you feel best about yourself at the day's end! 

Now to hit the dance floor!

Morgan Kate



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