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Morgan Kate on Knowledge Isn't Always Power

It is a thin, very thin difference but I recently did some reading about the topic and it total connected with me.  I am an education lover myself,  I love to find the answers and expose myself to things I don't know or understand.  However, I once knew a lot and did nothing.  I sat still,  waiting for the right answer to show up but it never did.  I just kept looking.  I felt like if I just took more education I would be more able to do,  but I wasn't doing anything.  I just became anxious that I didn't know enough.  However,  I didn't even know how the knowledge I already knew sized up.  So I asked myself a simple question. 

What happens when you don't have the answer?

 When that piece of sweet information I had read about would be so handy at the moment,  but is this the right moment?  I don't know because the answer was nowhere to be found. I swear I read about it somewhere though.  It must be lost in the back of my mind, or hidden in a page of one of the many text books in my library.  If it's not,  I'll just take another course.  But, how does this happen when you have read all you can read or taken course after course to expand your skills? 

Because there is a time for application, experience and practical practice.  That when I started see my knowledge stick and thrive.  When I started doing I started acting like an expert in my field.  I started truly using my knowledge as power.  I was finally using what I knew and felt confident in my ability to develop my skills.  My knowledge became an attribute to my confidence.  

I am a millennial,  so I can speak for myself when I see what is happening with us.  With so much information available at a click of a button or a quick google search away,  it's so easy and very tempting to fall further and further down the rabbit hole.  I have done it and still do!  I am not saying drop your books, cancel your course registration because we need to be aware,  we deserve and need to be well informed.  However,  knowledge is meant to be used and if we don't it can actually hinder our ability to do.  If we know so much,  we can risk losing our focus or we can hesitate to start because we're always looking for that perfect answer.   

So do I think knowledge is power?  Yes,  when it is applied.  So I challenge you take a risk today and take something you have learned recently and apply it.  Whether it's related to your profession or in your personal life.  If it's a new work skill, utilize it and see how it works for you! Perhaps,  it is personal.  Like that cooking class you took and haven't done anything with it since!  Host that dinner party,  test out your skills.

I encourage you to do!  Tell me how powerful you feel after that. 


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