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Morgan Kate: It's Thanksgiving...Don't blame the turkey!

The kick off of the holiday season!  I feel the anxiety rising,  I hear all the concerns flooding in about how to tackle fitness goals!  I don't want to be blunt BUT I feel this may be the only to get this across.  Food isn't the be all and end all.  Even if it is, we gave it the pedestal.  Our life should be surrounded by the choices WE MAKE!

DO WHAT YOU WANT.   Eat if you want to eat.  We need to stop being victims to our choices and stop blaming the poor food!  It hasn't done anything to us but fuel us and taste delicious! 

The life I love to live is about balance. WE ALL KNOW I choose to live healthy.  Yes,  I have fitness goals BUT take a minute and ask yourself how come I always achieve them?

I LIKE LIVING MY LIFESTYLE.  I adjust and adapt and sometime I fail but I am not doing anything exceptional,  I seem consistent because I am.  However,  what am I so consistent at... eating healthy? Exercising?  I choose to eat this way, I like it plus I love to move my body!

I want to keep this short,  so if at every holiday your stressing and blaming the food for slowing down your progress.  I have to say it!  YOUR WRONG...  you are!  I hate to say it,  but I do because I care.  The choices you make daily will get you to where you want to be,  not the occasions we celebrate through out the year!  

CAN I GIVE TIPS?  Sure,  but not today!  Will I again,  absolutely!  However,  YOU need to know what you want everyday.  The tips are no good if you haven't made the decision of what your truly want.   They are only good for those who want to apply them because they are making changes EACH DAY to adapting a new lifestyle for themselves.  

I enjoy EVERY holiday!  All parts of it.  I am not hostage to my social life because I have decided how I want it to look.  I work hard always,  not sometimes.  I believe we all get out what we put in. So leave Thanksgiving alone!  What has it done to you?  Other than give us a chance to be grateful and share love with friends and family and eat some flipping stuffing!   Come on,  how can you be mad at stuffing! 

This is your life,  live it! 


Morgan Kate 


Soooo tasty! 

Soooo tasty! 

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