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Why Balance Is Everything

You hear it all the time. Mastering this life style is about balance. It is about finding that perfect equation of exercise, healthy eating, sleep and recovery. It can be overwhelming because how do juggle all these new strategies and still find time to spend time with family, friends, work and have fun. 

I think we need to be more clear that it isn't about finding balance. Balance isn't a thing, or a place.  It is a state of being. It is a mindset. It's an attitude adjustment. It's a new way of thinking It is about living your life differently. Balance is an action in this lifestyle. It is a juggling act. It is something you change, adapt and work towards or against each day. The life you were living was leaving only senses of dissatisfaction. Perhaps you were tired, sick. Sick of being sick and tired. You were frustrated and losing your patience too often with your children or spouse. You work hard, but never feel like your getting anywhere. You are unhappy with your health, you miss that body you once felt good living in.  My point is the life you are currently living, isn't give you anything back. This life keeps taking, and you keep giving. 

Balance comes from taking. Taking time. Some see it as making time. Either way, to live a life of balance you need to take what you need. Need time to go to the gym? Meal prep? Spend time with family?  


Living a balance life takes selfishness. You need to put YOU first. Need more focus at work? Are you over worked?


Take your breaks, do something for you each day. Decompress your mind. You will be stronger minded and more focus to deal with the stresses and demands of your job. You will be more patient and enjoy the time with family. It may not give you more time but you will create quality. An experience that gives you more joy. 


To feel good takes sacrifice. It will mean prepping, organizing, scheduling, it will feel at times you never live a day without a schedule.  MAKE IT YOUR OWN SCHEDULE. Be accountable for your time. Honour the time you put aside for each task. 


Valuing the thing that routinely or regularly makes you happy. That is where value comes from. Those things that tend to make us happy on a regular basis, are rarely the things that ever come easy. 

It is in my experience a lifestyle done with balance is everything. It is the one that takes the most sacrifice, it causes me the most frustration but the peace and joy I get is worth every bit of the juggling. It is the life that has taught me to be present. It is the life that has taught me to be patient. It is the life that has given me confidence. It is the life that has made me healthy. It is the life that has given me time. 

Ask yourself what balance gives you? Or would give you if you added the practice into your life.                                                  Follow on Social @MorganKateFitness                                                  Follow on Social @MorganKateFitness

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