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3 Best Foods For Energy!

They May Not Be The Best, But They Are My Favourite.

OK, they may not be the best in the whole world but these are MY top three for energy. Over the past few months I have been adapting and changing my food steady to help with the care of my Adrenals. The first process to feeling better I take is always with my my nutrition. Making tweaks and adapting based on my bodies signals. These are the foods that I find help me with sustainable energy and ones I eat quite regularly.  Remember, the nutrition pathway is different for each of us and although these work for me they may not work the same for you. However, each one includes loads of nutritional goodness. You can't go wrong playing around with these in your routine.   If you are curious on learning how to learn your bodies signals more accurately, connect with me and we can discuss your individual needs. For now these are the 3 Best Foods For Energy.

My Top 3 Energy Foods.

1.  EGGS.  This is one of those food items that may not be for everyone.  However, for me they are great for my energy. Especially, when I think about sustainable energy. They are loaded with Choline, an essential nutrient found in the B vitamin family. This helps with my mood and fatigue. They are my daily food that brings the "FEEL GOODS"  They have also been know to help people with appetite control, satiating people for longer when eaten first thing. 

2. BEANS.  I find these not only make me feel full longer.  I see major improvements in my digestions because of the fibre content they carry.  Plus, they are packed with a great source of protein. So it allows me to have a variety of plants and meat based proteins in my day to day routine. This complex carb is one of my go-to's to keep the energy up. 

3. AVOCADO. I love me my avocados. They are a good source of fat, which my adrenal loves.  It makes me feel much more refreshed after eating them. They are much more dense in potassium than a banana, so they provide a great source of energy.  Plus, they are just so tasty!

It's Just The Tip Of The Iceberg.

These 3 are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to energy boosting foods. These are just my favourite. The ones you will find in my "nutritional guidelines" and often on my plate or packed in my lunch bag.  Do you eat for energy?  What are your favourites?  Comment below. 






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