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The Best Oat Crushed Chicken

A little tip from my kitchen to yours! 

If your craving the crusted, breaded chicken try using oats as an alternative. It is simple, easy and you get way more healthy goodness from other store bought options that are usual pumped with a lot of additives or preservatives.  In my house it is a staple and most of the time the Hubby doesn't even notice.  The fun of making your own is you can spice it up anyway you like. Here is my favourite blend!

1/2 Cup Wheat Free Oats
1 TBS Smoked Paprika
1 TBS Crushed Black Pepper
1 TBS Chiptole
2 Gloves Mince Garlic

Toss the oats and spices and garlic into the blender.  I used an egg to coat my chicken. Press into the crust mix. Another tip, I butterfly my chicken breast to make it easier to pan fry.  With a pan preheated to medium heat and a little bit of Avocado oil, I pan fry the chicken for a few minutes each side before flipping, watching the crust till golden and that the chicken is cook all the way through.  You can adjust the amount of oats you use if your making more or less chicken. It is really a thing of preference and explore your own favourite flavour profiles.  This is an easy quick meal option and the prep takes minutes. 

Comment and share your own unique blends below!  Enjoy.


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