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Morgan Kate: Body Specific Guidelines

No two bodies are a a like,  therefore it would be hard to think that any two bodies burn fat that same way.  It would also be reasonable to acknowledge that different body types do digest and use food differently.  When we become more aware of our body types we can put together a strong plan to focus on losing that unwanted fat fast or building that toned booty!

Most body types can be categorized in three ways, Endomorph, Ectomorph and Mesomorph.  How each is shaped is unique,  it can tell us a lot about a person's hormonal build up and how their body uses energy, builds muscle and stores fat.

Let's break it down.


  • The light build
  • There is symmetry between your hips and shoulders
  • You may find it hard to see tone and definition, gaining muscle can be difficult
  • You may have a "fast metabolism"


  • The athletic build
  • You find it easy to lose and gain weight
  • May store fat in this areas: bum and top of thighs
  • You build muscle easily but gain fat easier


  • The curvy body type
  • May store fat in these areas: abdominal, hips and butt
  • You may find it hard to lean out or lose weight
  • You can build muscle easily

The moment we focus on embracing our bodies we can find relief, we can stop comparing ourselves to others and focus on looking and feeling our best.  Understanding each body is different will help remove pressure to meet unrealistic standards and build confidence in our own goals.   Each body type have those attributes to be envious of and each can be as beautiful and healthy as you want.  Be motivated that there is a plan specialized for you.  At Morgan Kate Fitness we believe every Hamilton woman has that one plan that will make you feel great and produce energy.  The right plan will allow you to have a healthy relationship with food, you can loose weight or build muscle without feeling restricted or hungry.  You will feel focused and in control of the standards you set for yourself.   Now that we know a little more,  take time to think about what what steps you need to take to put your plan into action.  

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Morgan Kate Fitness: Body Types

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