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What Can you expect? 

Our bootcamp classes are a high energy experience! These half-hour, full body classes have been developed and fine-tuned to back a punch in a short amount of time. At the same, time, our bootcamps remain true to the Morgan Kate Fitness vision. We cater to ALL fitness levels, and we're here to support you and keep you safe on your fitness journey. Each class is led by a Certified Personal Trainer who comes prepared with modifications for each program. We start every workout by properly waking up with dynamic stretching, before heading into a strength training and cardio workout that focuses on body weight exercises with minimal equipment. 

Positive Vibes

Don't let the term bootcamp scare you... no one here is going to yell at you! These classes are all about positivity and fun. We know you have a lot going on in your life. We want our bootcamps to be a place where you can get a great workout, let go of stress, and share in some positive energy... and even dance a little if you want to! 


Large group fitness classes are amazing for motivation and accountability. We're a community and we are all cheering each other on. Our bootcamp classes are a great complement to our Functional Training Program -- a fun way to shake things up! Like our semi-private group training, our bootcamps take the guesswork out of fitness. Our coaches plan the workout and guide you through it.


Ask our Bootcamp Trainer, Ruth! 

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Bootcamp Sessions are available to 16 Week Package holders.
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