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Our Functional Training classes take place in semi-private groups with a 6 to 1 client to trainer ratio. Each class is 30 minute in length, coached by a Certified Personal Trainer. Sessions are booked through our online sign up schedule. 

These Functional Training classes are designed to meet all fitness levels and to accommodate all goals -- whether this is your first workout experience or you’re a veteran at sweatin’ everyone is welcome and taken care of. Our training experts design and modify our programs based on your individual needs. These semi-private training sessions cut the cost of expensive personal training programs while still providing safety and individualized attention for each client. 

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Let’s face it, most of you are here to lose weight. This program is designed to do that! Functional Training will help you lose weight, conserve muscle and build muscle. Bodies will look and feel strong, fit, and lean. You will be healthy on the outside and the inside!

We will help you build a metabolically strong system that will improve so many aspects of your life: You’ll notice an improved cardio respiratory system, clearer skin, improved hair growth, stronger hails, brighter eyes -- these are natural physical benefits of exercise! 

Though we tone, define, and build muscle, we are not a bodybuilding facility. Our aim is to form bodies that reflect a long-term balanced and healthy lifestyle. 

Mental Benefits

Working out sparks the hormones that make people feel good. Our programs are designed to put a demand and intentional stress on our metabolic systems. This creates a hormonal response of “urgency.” In these situations, our body deliberately release cortisol. As a response, the body also releases adrenaline. As we recover, seratonin is released to help stabilize the adrenaline spike. Seratonin makes us feel happy. 

This process makes you FEEL GOOD after working out. When we feel happy, we feel confident. When we feel happy, we are focused. When we are focused, we are motivated. The more we feel good, the more we can focus on the things that motivate us to be happy and confident. It creates a cycle of positive feelings. We like that. 

Workout Design

Each day our programming focuses on four fundamental class formats:



The Sprint - Short + Fast

How It Works

The Pace program improves performance speed. Working on Pace will help to challenge your anaerobic threshold. This is your body's ability to work with little oxygen. Evidentially it builds a stronger cardio-respiratory system and reduces your resting heart rate.  


When you’re running late for work, chasing your kids around, or sprinting for the bus. 

Your Body

Burns fat but conserves muscle




Being Strong - Short + Heavy

How It Works:

The Strength program forces heavier loads on your muscles. This program represents a strong mind-body connection. It is designed to challenge and train the neurological side of your system. Our muscles will learn how to respond to the demand of lifting heavier.


You’ll be safer in those few moments that you’re required to lift heavy, such as moving furniture. 

Your Body

Makes you strong and improves metabolic rates 



Conditioning - Long + Steady

How It Works

Our Endurance Program will teach you how to to mentally and physically endure continuous physical demands on your body. These program feature swift, constant, and continuous movements. You’ll develop stamina on both a cardio and muscular level. 


Walk or jog without being breathless, increases your energy, reduces tiredness. 

Your Body

Develops lean muscle 


High repetition - Long + Light

How It Works

Though compound movements between one or two different muscle groups, the purpose of this program is to create muscle fatigue that will make you stronger through muscle endurance. 


Shuttling all your groceries across the parking lot, carrying your kids, lugging your laptop across the city. 

Your Body

Primes your body to build muscle 

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