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Unleash the Babes

Morgan Kate Fitness welcomes new moms and babies to her Women’s Fitness Facility in Hamilton Ontario! Our Mom and Baby program was created by new mom Morgan Kate as a healthy fitness solution for new parents looking to burn fat and get fit. 

We encourage you to bring your babies to studio during these drop in Mom and Baby sessions. Bring your little ones into the studio while you work on your fitness goals. We know you’ve become a master at multitasking... Baby poops, cries, and snuggles are welcome here -- Our trainers understand that you may have to step out of that squat to care for your babies every now and then!

Physio And Fitness

Morgan Kate Fitness and Blueberry Therapy have collaborated to help Post-Natal Moms safely and effective embark on their postpartum fitness journey. Megan Salomons is a skilled physiotherapist specializing in Pelvic Health, she is working closely with me to create a dynamic, yet individual Mom and Baby experience.

Together we will co-design a physio and fitness plan to help you rehabilitate and excel in your exercise program. Pelvic Health is something most women neglect or chalk up to normal but with support and proper care you can see great improvements and regain comfort in your body. This will allow me to safely lead you through exercise program and help us, help you get back in shape more efficiently and effectively and with a longer risk of injury.


Every Mom who participates and holds extended Physio Health Care Benefits can qualify for program coverage. Inquire how your may use your benefits today.. 

If you do not have extended health care. Ask us about our none benefit packages.

Bring Your baby

We work with Moms that are at least 6 weeks postpartum and upward. Babies and children are welcome to come with Mom. Moms should also bring anything to make baby and child feel comfortable, like a blanket or toy.

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