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Who Is Morgan Kate?

It was 2009 and the woman I was was someone I no longer wanted to know

On the outside I was overweight but smiling always.  I was know for being positive and outgoing, but little did anyone know it was my front. I was desperately holding on to the athletic, confident teenage attitude I once knew. However, on the inside I was uncomfortable, anxious and insecure. I hid behind my weight, it kept me from putting myself totally out there. I avoided my feelings by going to school, working two jobs and keeping my party schedule packed. The lifestyle I was living did not take me into consideration, it only pulled me in deeper and consumed me. I never spent any time alone with myself. Alone was where I saw myself for what I really had become and I was in denial that I was in control of that what I had done, that the choices I had made lead me to this point in my life. I had endless excuses. It doesn't matter what they were because I was constantly frustrated by my increasing jean size, I was embarrassed of how I looked in photos and envious of the girls who had the boys lined up to meet them. I was lost and not a soul knew it. 

For many of my friends, it came out of nowhere — my dedication to the gym and attempts to eat better.

I didn't share with my close friends at the time because I was scared. My health was now at risk if I continued the way I had been. I was worried if I shared too much they would discourage me. I kept my profile low and did what I had to do. It didn't take long to see results — I was clearly up to something. I was turning down drinks and dinners to head to the gym or be in bed early. I was getting my buzz in a new environment; I was hiding in the back of a cardio pit, sweating away pieces of me I was tired of carrying, digging away to discover me, doing anything to just feel better.  

It was here my passion was ignited.

I was tenacious, determined and focused. I had no plan because I never worked out before. I pulled in support to learn and then applied and stumbled my way through a 65lb weight loss. Learning by every mistake I made, it was then I learned the value of consistency. I didn't always have it right but I was focused on my goal and that kept me moving forward. Each time I gave a little more to my journey, I gained so much more back into my life.

I knew I had found what I was meant to do.

I dove into my education, quitting my day job to take fitness on full time.  I had to hit the ground running and haven't stopped. I look back at my story and proud of all the transformations I have been through. I have experience weight loss, wedding prep, and the art of leaning out, prenatal and now postnatal lifestyles. I have discovered balance in my experience with Fitness and Nutrition, and understand the commitment and the struggles. 

I believe in transition and that no plan will last forever.

As life changes and goals change, so do we. believes in focusing on your goals but being flexible in your methods because each time you meet the new you, a new layer is waiting to be discovered. I credit my success to my own personal experience but am humbled by learning from those who have taught me.

No woman is the same, no woman thinks the same.

I understand your goals and connect with your need to achieve. I also believe strongly in educating clients: I will call it how it is but never without clarity of my reasoning. I have experience in many different training avenues and knows what works best for getting results. I am extremely committed and dedicated to my clients, and take pride in my firm but fair training style. 

My niche is creating lean, toned bodies for women

I want women to feel healthy, athletic curvy and sexy. I do not create thebulking beauty but instead I prefer to describe my body types as sleek and tight. I want a woman to feel good in her skin and feel no restrictions when it comes to food. I want to maintain what makes us ladies special and that is our womanly charm. I am highly experienced with endurance training and weight loss and how to balance that into your full life that you want to maintain. Date nights, girl’s night and fabulous parties can still exist.  

Let me show you how.

Ignite Enlighten Transform