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Are you ready to make a healthy commitment to your body and lifestyle? 

Haven't trained with us before and want to see what it's like?

We're offering Transformation Sessions only to potential clients who are 100% serious about pursuing a happier and healthier life.


If you are not 100% ready to try to change your lifestyle, than our program may not be  for you-- and that's ok. You can stay connected with the community at the Hamilton Female Fitness Private Facebook Group until you are ready to take the leap to the best version of you.

If you are ready to take the plunge!  We have a few limited spaces for those who are tired and frustrated and ready to get those hands dirty and those brows sweaty and make a real commitment.  A personal obligation to Transform their lives. Morgan Kate's programs have helped hundreds of women regain their lives and confidence and now... 

WHILE LIMITED SPACE LAST, Morgan Kate is ready to get up-close & personal with you. 

Potential clients are welcome to Apply. Those ready to commit will be selected to participate in her result driven body blasting workout. Let's us make you a believer of 30 minute results.  Our transformation session includes a SWEAT SESSION and IGNITE CONSULT. Its our way of igniting your goals, enlightening you with a plan proven to work, and showing how together we can transform your body. Put trust in the process and Morgan Kate. Feel good from the inside out.  

A SWEAT SESSION is a CLASS TRIAL - a chance to experience our Functional Training Program. You'll learn the importance of proper form combined with the right intensity to make you move better and get your body into a fat burning position.

An IGNITE CONSULT is a chance for us to talk about you and your goals. We explore your dreams, and put a plan of perseverance together. We lift away any fear, and place focus on the possibilities of reaching your health and fitness goals. 

Space is limited in Hamilton's Fastest Growing Female Fitness Community. Therefore, applications must be completed. If you are ready to do what it takes and commit to yourself than APPLY NOW.  We do not discuss prices on our website or via email. The first step to change is action. Take your first step by Applying now.  Your Transformation Session awaits. 


Sweat Session and Ignite Consult. Try our FUNCTIONAL TRAINING workout! 

Got a little one on your hands? Join our Wait List for our MOM & BABY Class! 


730 Upper James Street - Unit 5. Hamilton, Canada

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