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At Morgan Kate Fitness we live to help.  We want to see you ignite with confidence, feel enlightened to change your life however you want and transform into something you always dreamed of.  We hope one day we can share your success.  Please take the time to read through some other great client testimonies.



"I was struggling with a double prolapse cystocele and rectocele. I was told by my Dr in 2012 that I couldn't lift more than 15lbs. I was crushed. I felt like I was 100 years old. I couldn't hold my kids or do simple chores like groceries alone anymore. I always needed help lifting simple things all the time. Then...a good friend asked me to do tough Mudder. I weighed my options and knowing surgery was a definite thing in my future I felt I didn't have much else to loose.  It was May 4, 2012 when I began training with YOU! It was life changing!! I never told you about my lifting restriction, because I was ALL IN!! No matter what, I wanted to do tough Mudder, and I needed to get strong. You delivered more than I expected! You educated me on all aspects of fitness, mentally, emotionally, and physically. You guided me on food, and I felt incredible! I never realized how amazing it felt to get fit! I was addicted, and loved the process! I could actually do a pull-up AND go from a leg press of 40 lbs to 400lbs! In 7 months I dropped 7 pant sizes, and kept the same weight. I could see my body changing right before my eyes!! I'm super grateful to have met you, and for you pushing me beyond all my limits! I went to the dr the day after tough Mudder, and to my surprise, after all the tough/brutal/intense workouts where I often had to dig deep for every ounce of strength in me, my doctors said the fitness had completely REVERSED my condition. I was back to a pre-baby body inside and out. I'm forever grateful for having you as a positive role model in my life. Thank you for always being so encouraging, and for being the incredible YOU in my life!! "


"I have known Morgan for some time now and honestly she is an amazing person! Her positivity and bright personality makes her easy to get to know and Morgan is very approachable. Her passion for the fitness industry truly shows and Morgan is very knowledgeable in all aspects.  I have used services from Morgan Kate Fitness allowing me to become a better person both physically and mentally, all with Morgan right in my corner. The accessibility to Morgan is phenomenal, as whenever I needed her to encourage me, push me or help me to refocus, I could always count on her. I started with Morgan when I wanted to become healthier in my lifestyle, we sat down and chatted about goals and my daily routines and from there she created a lifestyle I could easily adapt to without feeling overwhelmed. Morgan was fantastic,  she took time to go shopping with me and even helped with my first meal prep. I felt amazing afterwards and ready to get a hold of my new ways. Morgan always took the time to check in on me, changed things as needed if I was finding anything too challenging and best of all kept reminding me that my goals were closer then I thought. It is really amazing to have Morgan who is so dedicated to their passion and is such an inspiration."


"I have had the honour of knowing Morgan for the last several years. We met during a very dark time in my life. Instantly, Morgan connected and empathised with me and my situation. She was dynamic, positive, respectful and always encouraging. Working together has literally transformed my life. I am happy to say that I am now healthy, happy and optimistically looking towards a very bright future. Morgan is an inspiration for women of every age, background and fitness level."

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"I started training with Morgan in 2012.  I had goals of increasing my strength,  losing some stubborn fat, and generally toning my body. Morgan listened to these goals and motivated me at every session to push myself a little further, making sure I was performing excersises with accuracy, keeping my body safe while making the gains I was looking for. Not only have I lost inches, I am stronger and can do exercises I never imagined I could complete.  I love that Morgan is willing to share her expert knowledge in training and nutrition.  She listens to your own personal fitness goals and helps you achieve them. She is fun, energetic,  motivational and committed. I couldn't recommend her enough."  


"I started working with Morgan 6 months prior to my wedding. My goal was to slim down before my big day, and I needed some help. Morgan helped me to achieve my target weight and feel beautiful on my wedding day. Her ability to push me through every workout lead me to be stronger, healthier and more confident in my abilities. It is quite evident that she has a true passion for fitness and it is contagious!"


“I usually work out on my own but thought I would give group fitness a try with some doubts that it would be for me. After my first work out with Morgan and her fun, enthusiastic approach and strong knowledge base I decided that her training was for me! Morgan always gave us options of exercises so we could challenge ourselves and get the most out of the work outs. She was always available to answer questions, give feedback and provide a supportive, encouraging environment to improve our fitness levels.


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