Morgan Kate Fitness

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Morgan Kate Fitness is a Women’s Fitness and Weight Loss Facility in Hamilton Ontario. We focus on Functional Training and Body Specific Nutrition to help those who want to lose weight, build muscle, and regain their confidence — however that may look to you. We believe in the “Feel Goods” and strive to make our studio a space of vibrancy, energy, and happiness.

Our Fitness programs are designed to meet ALL Fitness Levels. Through functional movements, we capitalize on improving how we move day-to-day.

Our facility focuses on client experience and our semi-private classes drive our training experience by creating a personalized environment. Every session is led by a Certified Personal Trainer who is committed to help every client navigate through our programs. Our trainers know how to motivate you, keep you save, modify, assess, and correct your movements — this allows you to focus on moving, rather than worrying about form. The workout itself is enough of the challenge! 

For those who have never exercised before, we know you might feel insecure. Our trainers are here to support your confidence through awareness of the body, education on form, motivation to challenge, and positive encouragement. 

In each session, our trainers respond to the clients, not the program. You, the client, dictate how your session will go — we will know what level of exercise you are at and how to accommodate you. 

We don’t yell. We coach. We speak clearly. We push with purpose.

The programs speak for themselves. The trainers bring the expertise. The clients bring the hustle.

Our nutrition is for YOUR body. 

We design body specific meal plans to help you achieve YOUR goals. 

All bodies are built differently, and they shouldn’t be all the same! Neither should our meal plans. You are all unique. Our bodies act differently hormonally, and we hold different physical attributes, assets, benefits, and body features… we all have that unique “inventory” that we should embrace and flaunt! 

We all have our own physical features — when we plan to expose them as an asset, we’ll see the best results. Expose your own beauty — embrace your body! Our plans set realistic expectations. 

If we plan based on your body type, we’ll get the most efficient and optimal results for YOU. You’ll feel good because you eat good. Our meal plans combined with our exercise programs will help you burn fat, build muscle, conserve muscle, tone and define, and be healthy and strong women. Most importantly, it will give you a dose of the feel goods!

At Morgan Kate Fitness we are a community of likeminded individuals. We have all made the commitment to change and be better. We believe that fitness and a healthy lifestyle are the platforms to happiness, confidence, and a balanced life. 

First times and veterans alike can enter our community of individuals where everyone wants the same thing — to be fit, healthy, and happy. 

Being a part of our community is an experience. Spend some time with us, we want to know who you are!

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